The world’s most annoying kids shows

The world’s most annoying kids shows

My kids love cartoons,  as I did when I was their age.  However,  is it just me,  or the cartoon getting more and more annoying. Maybe I’m just getting old or perhaps,  my tastes have changed.

Anyway,  I was wondering what you think is the world’s most annoying cartoon or kids show?

While we don’t have cable,  we stream Netflix.  This gives the kids access to decades worth of cartoons and kids shows.  Their current obsession is Sonic the Hedgehog.  The cartoon is over 10 years old and has my vote for the most obnoxiously annoying cartoon.

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At the moment I'd have to say Bubble Guppies is at the top of my list. I find it too frustrating. I'm glad it's trying to be educational but it fails constantly (oak trees with squirrels in the ocean for ex.) After that is Sid the Science Guy. I can not take the grandmother's voice/laugh. It's painful. There are a few on Nick that I dislike but as I've not watched more than the commercials I don't know their names. Course I'm not the demographic they're aiming for.


I second that motion! These new cartoons, and even those 10 years ago, are significantly annoying. "Gumball" (that one with the blue rabbit), "SpongeBob" and several others on Nick Kids and Nick Jr..


My husband really cannot stand Dora but, fortunately since my son was never really into television, we didn't have to put up with it much. Now, at almost 7, he is really into Wonder Pets and we both cannot stand that show. But, he does love it and it teaches good things.


I can't stand any cartoons, in fact, I was way more in to Sesame Street, Electric Company, etc when I was a kid. My Chase is absolutely in love with Dora the Explorer, and when I say in love, I mean in lust:) He literally kisses the television goodbye when he leaves for school in the morning. I can deal with Dora, although I am SOOOO TIRED of the darn BACKPACK song. But honestly, while occasionally Family Guy does make me laugh, I just don't like cartoon voices and faces that don't honestly match when they talk…is that weird? Maybe my imagination is not good enough? Yeah, they are getting more annoying. I guess cartoon characters are cheaper than actual actors…you're only paying for the voice over!


Yeah, I dislike Dora as well. What about Diego?

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