How has Lizze been doing?

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I thought it was fitting to update everyone on how Lizze was doing, you know, in general. To sum it all up in a few words….not really good.

Lizze has been dealing with a great deal of pain lately. Her migraines are also raging almost every day. They are however, are least for now, responding to her pain meds. I suppose if there was a silver lining that would be it.

However, there is some bad news as well. Her tremors have gotten worse and are no longer subdued by her current level of medication. As a result the medication treating the tremors had to be increased. It seems to be helping but the side effect is that she is sleeping a lot more.

Hopefully this is a temporary thing and she will eventually adjust to the new dose and no longer suffer the side effects. Her tremors are so bad that she can’t pour milk into Emmett’s zippy or measure out his liquid medications.

This is absolutely a necessary evil. I know these are freaking her out but we have been assured that they are nothing “serious”.

Anyway, that about sums it up for right now. I have to take Gavin to therapy and come back and work in dinner again.

Please stop by her blog today and wish her a happy birthday. I know it would mean a lot.

– Lost and Tired

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