When a single parent to kids with #Autism gets sick -

When a single parent to kids with #Autism gets sick

Before anyone bites my head off and complains that any single parent struggles when they’re sick, I’m not saying they don’t.  I’m speaking to my personal experience and since I’m a special needs parent, that’s my focus. 


I still feel like I’ve been dropped out of a plane without a shoot, reached terminal velocity and smashed into the ground. 

Having said that, I’ve been moving around for a few hours now and even made it to the store with the kids in tow. 

I picked up pizza for dinner tonight and for the boys school lunches tomorrow. 

While the thought of food is less than pleasant, the boys have eaten dinner and I’m sorta just in a zombie like trance on the couch, watching Big Hero 6 with the kids. 

Bedtime can’t come soon enough…..

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