Technical problems update -

Technical problems update

Alright. The site is most restored. There is some memory issues that are causing the site to shut down. We were trying various things to identify the problem and can’t seem to find what’s going on. For now, I’m back up and running. I’ve scaled things back a little bit in hopes of helping things out.

My good friend Stuart Duncan is been working very hard to fix this problem and for that I’m extremely grateful. He working with the awesome team at to get this fixed.

As is the tradition with the Lost and Tired family, this issue is bizarre and doesn’t make any sense.

I really want to express my appreciation to Stuart and the support staff at EZP for helping to get me back up and running. I’m really sorry this is such a pain in the butt and I’m really grateful for your hard work and patience. 🙂

The forums are back online, so please feel free to return there for help with your special needs parenting support. There may be a few glitches along the way but I’m confident that this will get figured out in due time. 🙂

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Good thing there are people who are willing to help and assist when it come to various technical problems and for me, this really is a great news. I hope you will no longer experience having technical problems in the future.
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