Cool pictures from my Galaxy Nexus -

Cool pictures from my Galaxy Nexus

I wanted to share a few pictures I took the other day.  These were shot with my Samsung Galaxy Nexus.  I was pretty impressed by the quality of the shots.

My subject was a baby Praying Mantis

We have tons of these things all around the house.  For whatever reason,  the rose bush,  behind my house is a hot spot for Praying Mantis.  There are egg sacs all over.  These little guys are finding their way into our house. That where I first met this guy.

He’s so tiny,  I had to be really careful not to squish him when I moved him outside. It’s supposed to be good luck to have these around.

While there jury’s still out on that one,  I did enjoy seeing a baby Praying Mantis,  up close and personal.  This little guy was really cool and was surprisingly curious about me and my camera.

I have such a profound respect for life, both big and small.  This was just a really cool experience. It would have been really easy to just squish this little thing, but if I had done that, I would not have been able to get these shots.  🙂




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Onyx Panthyr

Creepy but cool!

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