Parenting in Pain

Many of you are aware of my wife,  Lizze’s, health issues.  If not,  please check out her incredibly honest blog Daily Mommy Survival. She’s very open about her personal struggles and really has an awesome blog.

This afternoon,  I simply wanted to update you all as to the current status of her 5 month old migraine and the pending procedure to attempt to relieve her pain.

Lizze has literally run out of medications for her migraines.  Nothing works and nothing makes a dent in the pain.  She doesn’t eat much anymore due to the constant nausea caused by the migraines. The last option available to is Botox and occipital nerve block.  These are newer procedures for extreme and unreadable migraines.

The procedure has been approved but it won’t take place for 2 months.  This means she will have to continue to suffer for another 60 days before possibly getting some relief.

Needless to say,  we will be calling first thing in the morning to get the date moved up as 2 months is simply not realistic.

Aside from this, she will be sent to University Hospital in Cleveland at the end of August for an evaluation.  This evaluation is for Dysautonomia,  an autonomic nervous system disorder. This could be contributing to the migraines and other symptoms she suffers with daily. 

At least we know the procedure is approved. That’s something,  right?

**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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