No Meltdowns: Day 3

No Meltdowns: Day 3

Gavin has made it through a third day without a single meltdown.  So far,  this new approach is working. 

I have to give Gavin a lot of credit because he’s making better choices and that’s all on him.  🙂 So,  keep up the great work.  This has the potential to be a good summer. 

This was taken at therapy on Monday.  Everyone was getting along and having fun.


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I think that now people have no choice except to believe that Gavin is a MASTER manipulator. The very fact that he can make the association in his head and then actually verbalize that he’s stopped freaking out because it will begin to negatively affect HIM is both telling and frightening. I give him credit for ‘making good choices’, but in all honesty that is completely mitigated by the fact that on the flip side it would seem to strongly suggest the meltdowns have been a trick at his disposal for a long time. I really really feel for you guys, especially ‘Liiiizzzzzzaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyeeeeee!!!!!!! LIIIIIZZZZZZZZZAAAAYYYEEEEEE!!!!!!’, since stress is THE WORST THING EVER for Autoimmune Diseases. I hope the current course of action takes you out of Meltdownville for quite a long time.

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