Would you support a year round year?

Would you support a year round year?

This is a really interesting question and I would love to get your feedback. Would you support a year round school year for your child on the Autism Spectrum?

Please take a second and answer the poll. Let’s discuss this in comments below. 🙂

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We don’t have year round school in my area and I hope they never do.  I think the kids need that summer to reset.  Here in Pennsylvania, it’s the best time for kids to be outside playing and getting their exercise. I also think it leaves something for the kids to look forward (summer vacation) .  I think about the poor kids who are bullied or who have anxieties about being at school. I think the summer vacations are a good time for them to destress and relax and time to build themselves up for the next school year.  I see some using the argument about kids “losing to much in the way of learning” over the summer but I know our school offers special programs over the summer that my kids take advantage of like a 3 day robotics class and the ATOMS scholars program that’s a week long just to name a few.  I don’t force my kids into it, they choose to.  Once they hit a certain grade they are also required to do summer reading for the next school year.  I think as a parent, it’s our job to keep their interest in learning at home.  Learning should not stop at school


My son is 3 and just barely started school when he turned 3 in March  We do not have year round school here.  He is in daycare and still has ot during the summer but no school. He doesn’t like school which is sad considering he has only had 3 months of it so far but he is still so young maybe it will take time.

Lynette Trease

DEFINATELY! Kids looses so much of what they have learned over the summer…

Cindy Wolf
Angela Seitz

We have none here. Lucas is just a bundle of energy over the summer and if he isn’t stimulated by something functional he will self stim (non-functional). Summer camps are great but ones for SN kids are big $

Kathy Brower

Why can’t he go to the Cleveland Clinic’s Lerner School? It is full year, and not an unreasonable distance for a middle school kid. My son rides almost an hour each way, and even thugh it is long, it is where he needs to go.

Lost and Tired

I wish we had year round school here, especially for Gavin.

Andrea Williams

yeah maybe we can then keep up with japan and germany

Milissa Schaming Kernstock

My grandsons ESY program has been cut to only 18 days for the whole summer…this is no help..I see the regression daily and count down to normal school days.

Kathy Brower

One of my boys has full year school and my younger son and older daughter have ESY. ESY is pathetic; I would take full year in a heart beat. It is NOT like my oldes never gets a break; he has camp this week, and has been to the beach many many times. He sleeps in when he needs to. Many of the kids in his school only go 3 or 4 days in the summer. The big benefit is it is a “normal” day with the goal of progress, not a half made effort at preventing regression.

Katy Murray

For my kiddos with MR and autism in a heart beat. Every day even, lol. He loves to be at school and he is sad when he doesn’t go in the summer. ESY has not been successful or helpful for him, though. Half day with a teacher who doesn’t know him when he doesn’t even regress. But if it was real school, yep! Not for my other kiddos, though.

Angela McDonough

They tried to get yr round school here but most parents didnt want We do have ESY for kids at risk of regession over summer breaks but neither of my boys have ever qualified for it which is odd they both loose skills over the summer but i guess not enough to warrent ESY for them

Nicole Logan

We have what is called ESY (extended school year) here for those that qualify (which children with Autism do for fear or regression or loss of routine) and they go to school for 6 weeks during the summer. The days are half days but it keeps them in a routine and keeps with their schedule.

Kari Glaser Margo

I would. Our son thrives on a schedule. When he has too much time on his hands, he tends to be on the aggressive side. This yr they have done away with late starts & I am so thankful. He would at times cry until the bus came 2 hrs after he knew it should have been there.

Lost and Tired

Interesting. Thank you.

Erika Lowery

We have “modified year round” and it is miserable. Between school and therapy our little guy never gets a break and vacations are darn near impossible to plan. The breaks he does get are challenging too, because most are so long that he forgets the routines in class.

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