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After doing some additional research,  Lizze has decided against the occipital nerve block and botox,  at least for now. She doesn’t feel that she would benefit from it,  due to the type of migraines she has. She realizes that it’s the only thing left to do but instead of doing something this invasive,  she seeking out a second opinion.  It may end up that we have to return to the occipital nerve block and botox but at least we know that we have explored all of our options.

There’s never anything wrong with getting a second opinion.  Any doctor worth anything,  will always support an patients decision for a second opinion.

Lizze wants a total revaluation,  for everything. That is music to my ears because I have been pushing for that.  I really think that we need a second set of eyes to look at everything that she has going on. Right now,  she’s disabled and if there is even the slightest chance that something was missed along the way and she could get her life back,  it’s will be well worth the travel involved.

My goal for today is to call the Cleveland Clinic and discuss insurance.  If we need to change than so be it. The top headache and migraine doctor in the country is at the Cleveland Clinic from what I understand.

To me,  this is a huge step forward for Lizze.  As with many people on the spectrum,  she doesn’t like or cope well with change. The fact that she has decided to do this is a pretty big deal. I’m so proud of her.  🙂

In the end,  she may still be in the same position,  but at least we know that we did everything possible.

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I know it sounds out there, but has she tried acupuncture for her migraines? I had a terrible migraine spell that mimicked a stroke earlier this year- I totally lost the use of one half of my body for several days, followed by weeks of migraine pain. A friend suggested acupuncture, I thought it would never work, but I was desperate. It worked amazingly well, I felt instant relief in the first treatment and after the 2nd it was totally gone.