#Autism and Obsessions

I know it’s quite common for an ASD child to become focused on one subject to the point of obsession. We deal with that all the time in the Lost and Tired household.

My kids get very focused on individual things. Lego’s, Matchbox Cars, Pokemon and even food,  are all things my kids either have in the past or are currently now,  obsessing over.

I use the word obsess because these things actually interfere with everyday life.

Most of these things are okay but there is one that I personally struggle with and that’s the obsession with food. Gavin has a long standing obsession with food.

He could literally talk about food nonstop and he often does.

This obsession doesn’t have anything at all to do both cooking or preparing food.  Instead,  his focus on ingesting it. Then he likes to describe,  in detail,  how it tastes.

We have never really figured out a way to address this but we need to because it drives people crazy.

Do any of you experience any thigh similar?  If so,  how have you handled it?

**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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Rob Gorski

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PurpleLogic Rules

We went through a Harry Potter obsession phase just after my son read the first few books. He even wrote himself an invitation to Hogwart's! Then he began to call everything powers. If a classmate was good at math, he would say that is a stupid power and he would rather have the power of whatever his whim was at the moment, like flight or invisibility. These "power" observations kept popping up when he had conversations with anyone who said anything good. I spoke with him many times about how it was ok to observe, but wiser to keep to himself *and he could tell himself about it in is mind) and eventually he got it.