#Autism and talking at the speed of light -

#Autism and talking at the speed of light

Something we haven’t had to deal with for awhile is Gavin’s excessive chatter. Gavin goes through these periods of time,  usually when manic,  where he literally talks nonstop. Much of the time he’s either himself or seemingly just stringing words together.

We have hit another one of these cycles recently. Let me tell you,  it really takes a great deal of effort to cope with the incessant talking.

It reaches the point,  as it has today,  where I simply start tuning him out. I don’t do that willfully either,  it’s like a defense mechanism that kicks in after hearing the same friggin thing,  over and over and over again.

Already today,  I have made several requests of God to please not let this be a manic phase. I do think knowhow we would manage to survive Gavin being manic right now.

If you have personal experience with a child that has a bipolar type mental illness,  you likely know what I’m talking about.  If you have not experienced this,  count yourself lucky. It’s exhausting and frustrating and sometimes even dangerous.

Gavin has hit a true manic phase in awhile,  so he’s probably due.  However,  with any luck,  he will hang on until we find a new psychiatrist.

At least we see Dr.  Pattie tonight. 

**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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bonnie stewart

My eleven-year-old does that, too.  Whenever I answer him right back with a stream of incessant chatter on the same subject, he looks at me self-consciously out of the corner of his eye and walks away.  I don't want to embarrass him, but it does stop him cold.  I suppose I sound so silly he thinks he sounds that way too. "Parents are so uncool when they imitate their kids,"  he is probably thinking.  But he does it when he is hungry and dehydrated.


Yep, got one of those, too.  Kinda like a jackhammer, going, "Mom, mom, mom…you know what??" on repeat.  Mania is almost harder than the opposite.  At least you can hear yourself think when they are somewhat depressed. And, delivered at such a fast clip, too, don't know how he keeps up with himself. (OH, that's right! Mania has very few controls!) Risperdal (for him!) was my best friend!

Lost and Tired

I totally feel you. I do the same thing. It's a lot of self preservation when I kinda switch over to autopilot and just says things like, that's awesome Gavin, great job or Thanks for sharing that.


My older son, who has aspergers is an incessant chatter EXPERT.  And it's all about airplanes right now, ALL the time.  After awhile, my husband and I find ourselves saying "yes, we've flown that plane", or "your propeller rocks" and we have no idea what question we're answering.  I feel you big time on the defense mechanism thing….we would both be nuts if we didn't find a way to block this out at times
Jenny http://www.jackandnatesmom.blogspot.com

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