Testing the upper limits of my patience

Testing the upper limits of my patience

I’ve been up all of 10 minutes and the boys are already driving me friggin crazy. Elliott is whining and Gavin is endlessly digging through the Lego bin.

Emmett is busy bullying Elliott which just perpetuates the whining.

Lizze and I have said this countless times,  while each of our kids are challenging in their own right,  it’s the combination of all their behaviors and sensory issues that is what makes life in the Lost and Tired household.

Today is going to be one of those days where the upper limit of my patience. I’m already stressed out to the max with Gavin‘s EEG coming up on Friday. Being without Lizze for 5 days is going to be very difficult.  I also worry about the toll this will take on her as. well.

Something else I really stressing about is how Gavin is going to handle this. The last time he sat for this long had very serious consequences.  He ended up being admitted for a few days because he could no longer maintain his own blood pressure. He was left unable to stand without passing out.

I hate being this stressed out.  🙁

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       -Lost and Tired

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