Part puberty, part #Autism, and part normal teen angst  

Elliott had a hard time falling asleep last night. He was still awake as we hit and passed the midnight hour. I’m not sure what he was struggling with, but it occupied enough of his mind that sleep wouldn’t come. 

Around midnight, he began complaining about his pillow feeling funny. I ended giving him my sort of nice, memory foam pillow to use for the night. 

Thankfully, it seemed to help because he’s currently sleeping. I’m using this awful, rainbow zebra striped body pillow that not conducive to sleep, but what Dad wouldn’t give up a pillow for his son. ☺ 

On a side note, this thing with the pillow is just the latest sensory related issue that’s popped up for Elliott. He’s been having a very difficult time with his socks lately. It’s not as bad or as challenging as Emmett, but it’s seemingly out of nowhere and presents some problems. 

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I mentioned in the previous post, Elliott is going through a rough time. It’s part puberty, part depression, part Autism, part anxiety, and part normal teen angst. 

Unfortunately, this seems to have stirred up some major sensory issues again. We’re still figuring some of this stuff out as we go, but it’s not a huge amount of fun. It is however, great for adding more gray hairs to my beard. lol