Thank God Elliott is feeling better

Thank God Elliott is feeling better

While I’m personally sick now, Elliott is feeling much better and is actually eating. That’s so awesome.  Thank you for all the positive thoughts.  🙂

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I am so happy he is feeling better because i know when the kids feel better we feel better. I know this probably happens to every body (maybe) but it is so strange as I can actually feel the difference. If my kid is doing good, I feel better. If my kid is not doing well, I feel awful too, but as soon as he says he is all good it is like a switch that turns on for me as it is immediate. One more thing off yalls plate for a minute. Please tell Lizzie I am thinking and praying for her and I don’t know what to do or what she should do. Also, Rob, it is such a great thing that you and lizze have not turned to achahol or another substance to dull this awful mental and physical pain. i am not talking about dr prescribed drugs, i am talking about the other stuff. I have been so greatful that God has put something in my dna so i don’t think i have an addictive personality , such as i don’t like to drink, cant take more than two loratabs in a day or i will throw up lol. I am not sure I would have drank or taken drugs that were not prescribed to me to dull the pain (because I have to be on guard every f***ing second) but I am thankful because I can see why someone would want to get away. that is another check mark in your “good job” catagory.

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