Gavin just had another seizure -

Gavin just had another seizure

Gavin just woke up from his nap.  At some point in the last 2 hours,  he had an accident,  which the neurologist believes is the result either grand mal or tonic clonic seizures. 

Right now Gavin‘s acting pretty weird,  even for him.  I don’t mean that as a put down either.  The only way to describe him is acting weird.

What really sucks is that this would should been caught during the EEG he was supposed to have this weekend.  We had to reschedule for financial and logistical reasons,  so it’s kind of a kick in the gut that this happened now.  We need this to be caught at the EEG,  so the neurologist will know with more certainty,  what’s going on and we can adjust his meds accordingly.

Of course this happened without the mattress cover on his mattress.  Be destroyed that during a meltdown not to long ago. 

This may sound bad but I think once his mattress dries,  I’m gonna put Bella’s unused puppy pads under his sheet.  Bella never used them and I have a full box of like 100. At least that will preserve his mattress and make the cleanup easier.

This whole epilepsy thing sucks.  I know we are very new to it but poor Gavin just keeps having problems and no one knows how to help him..

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       -Lost and Tired

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