A very important Elliott update 

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This week has been focused on the kid at school who’s bullying Elliott. We spoke to his teachers and the principal but if today was any indication of how this is going to play out, we’re going to have a problem. 

While at Dr. Pattie’s tonight, we spoke with Elliott about this and learned that there were more issues with this kid at school today. 

Apparently, aside from smacking Elliott on the back thoughout the day, he’s also throwing pencils at him during class as well. Elliott was hit in the leg today and when he told his teachers, they basically said they didn’t see it happen, so they can’t do anything about it.  

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Was Elliott hurt by the pencil? No he wasn’t,  but is that really the point? 

Fuck no it isn’t!

This kid is throwing sharpened pencils at Elliott and while the pencil lays on the ground where it landed after bouncing off of Elliott, they didn’t do anything cause they didn’t see it happen. Just because he wasn’t hurt this time doesn’t mean that he won’t get hit in the face next time.. This has to stop.        (continued – – – >) 

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