Gavin has been admitted

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I wanted to update you all to the latest information on Gavin.

Gavin was actually admitted once again to Akron Children’s Hospital.  He’s currently in the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit(EMU).  He was supposed to have his 72 hour EEG in the morning anyway.

They decided to set him up tonight and run through Monday.

While Gavin was in the ER,  he appeared to be having seizures in his sleep. At least this way,  he’ll have them picked up on the EEG.

I’m home with the other two boys right now and Lizze is at the hospital with Gavin.  We want to thank both sets of Grandparents for helping us with the boys today. It was very last minute and they made it work.  Thank you.

I also want to thank everyone else for all the thoughts and prayers.  We really appreciate it and it means a great deal to us.  🙂

Needless to say,  the Friday Forum discussion might have to be rescheduled because I have to much going on at the moment.  I hope you understand. 

**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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  • OnyxPanthyr says:

    Best wishes to all of you.  Try to get some rest tonite, Rob.  Hope Lizze does too.  Nyte.

  • rich says:

    My prayers to Gavin and the rest of  the family.

  • Lost_and_Tired says:

    @NathansVoice @autiglobetrot thanks Lorrie 🙂

  • Becky20682Stars says:

    @reality_autism Thoughts & prayers are with you all xx

  • flypapr4freaks says:

    @reality_autism hang in there my friend!