NEW Playstation Vita (WIFI only) Warranty, 32 GB memory card, game and Extras

Hey everyone. As many of you are aware, my oldest of 3 special needs children has been the hospital the past few days. The commuting back and forth between the hospital and home to be with our other 2 boys is very expensive.

In order to help cover the expenses, I’m selling my brand new PlayStation Vita. I have had one for awhile and had to swap it out under warranty. Best Buy didn’t have one in stock so they put the full amount on a gift card and allowed me to pick this one up at another store. I did so yesterday for the purposes of sticking it up on ebay.

The auction includes the following:

1) New Playstation Vita (wifi) ($250)
2) 2 year accidental damage protection through Best Buy ($70)
3) 1x 32GB memory card ($100)
4) 1x Hotshots Golf ($39)
5) 1x Sony OEM Zipper case ($19)
6) 2x Extra USB cables ($30)
7) 1x Media/Charging dock ($20)
8. Receipt reflecting purchase date of 7/13

This auction ends today and we could really use the money. Sooooooo, if your in the market for a PlayStation Vita, please give my auction a look. I doubt you can get a better deal anywhere. It’s also for a really good cause.. 🙂

Any questions, please send them through ebay and I’ll answer as soon as I can….

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