Autonomic Crisis: Update 7/15/2012 (3pm)

Gavin will not be coming home today as previously thought.  He will however, be home tomorrow, assuming all goes well. He will be receiving an MRI,  either while there or as an outpatient.

The current school of thought is that he has a stomach bug.  While they can’t prove that,  they also can’t rule it out either. 

They believe,  at least in theory,  that this stomach bug set into motion a chain of events that ended with Gavin in an autonomic crisis.  It does explain everything in a nice neat package,  however,  I’m leaning towards not buying into this,  at least 100%.

The reason I question this is because Gavin just had his antibody infusion and so his immune system should have been fully charged and ready to fight off anything. The other reason is because this doesn’t explain the last time this happened. 

My understanding is that the autonomic crisis could have caused the diarrhea,  fever and heart rate.  I’m not an expert but does make sense to me. 

Having said that,  it still doesn’t explain how this was triggered. That makes me really uncomfortable because we have no idea how to avoid this in the future. This is the second crisis in the last 60 days with no explanation. Is this the start of a new trend? If so,  what does this mean for Gavin’s health going forward?

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       -Lost and Tired

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