And the meltdowns begin

Holy crap.  Gavin has only been home a couple hours and we are already in meltdown #2. He treated Lizze like garbage this weekend and did the same to much of the staff. 

Gavin is back to his old self and that’s both good and bad.

I’m so happy he has stabilized and is home once again.  However,  the whole family could do just fine without the drama and meltdowns.

Lizze felt very uncomfortable addressing Gavin’s disrespectful behavior this weekend because everything was being monitored via numerous cameras throughout the room.  It was a bad situation but we told Gavin that when we walked out of the hospital,  he had a clean slate. Having said that,  he would be accountable for his actions from that point forward. 

I do have to that I’m really proud of Elliott.  Gavin had him really freaked out but Elliott marched right into his room and told Gavin how his screaming and stomping was making him feel. Unfortunately,  Gavin didn’t seem to care at all but I think that gave Elliott a much needed sense of control. 

That took a great deal of courage and I’m really proud of Elliott for doing that.

It seems as though we are right back were we left off. Gavin’s behaviors are bringing everyone down.  I feel terrible saying that after seeing how bad he was for most of the weekend.

However,  it’s true.

I’m going to try and be positive.  Perhaps,  he just needs some time to adjust? Maybe he’s just overwhelmed and overstimulated?

On the other hand,  maybe he’s just back to his old self?

**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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