Where do all his clothes go?

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We have had a mystery on our hands for quite some time.  We can never find Gavin’s clothes.  The main thing that’s missing right now is his underware.

We just recently bought him a couple new packs and they have seemingly disappeared.

Gavin claims no knowledge of the whereabouts of his underpants.  However,  we have searched everywhere we can think of and they are nowhere to be found. This is really frustrating because we can account for everyone else’s clothes,  but not his.

I don‘t believe he’s eat them,  and yes that is actually a possibility.

Either way,  we had to get up extra early this morning so we could hit the store and buy him more underpants to wear while at the hospital.  

I’m open to the whole underpants gnome theory,  but honestly,  I’m a skeptic.  🙂

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       -Lost and Tired

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  • Brianne says:

    My 6 yr old Aspie seems to lose his too! I know for awhile he was throwing them out whenever he'd have an accident in them, but after we talked about that, I have no idea. There really may be an underwear gnome! LOL

    Hope you guys are in a better place today. Hugs and prayers.

  • Amy Knox says:

    Flushing them to hide an accident? I've caught mine throwing soiled ones away (but he's modeling that after me cause I'm not gonna wash them!) Good luck finding the cause, they are cheap enough to throw away a $2 pair here and there but those $10 packs start adding up!