Honeymoon phase? What honeymoon phase?

It didn’t take long.  The honeymoon phase, if you even want to call it that is over.  We are already having problems.  The honeymoon phase is the period of time that goes by before things return to normal.

We were at Dr.  Patti’s office tonight with all 3 boys and it was time to put the toys away.

Gavin and Emmett were putting the play food away when Emmett decided to pretend to eat the food before placing it back on the floor.  Gavin would pick it up and Emmett would pretend to eat it,  and put it back on the floor.

Instead of walking away or coming to get us,  Gavin just began screaming at Emmett,  right into his face. 

I was there in 5 seconds and grabbed Gavin by his shirt and pulled him away from Emmett. I wasn’t exactly overflowing with patience and I told Gavin that he is never to scream into his brothers face.

I reminded him that he hasn’t even unpacked his bags yet from the last bad decision he made.  I also reminded him that he’s supposed to be using the new techniques he learned and promised us that he would be using. 

Was Emmett being a little booger? Yes he was.  He was also being a 4 year old. 

To show you how uncomfortable I am with this whole thing,  Gavin would have typically lost his choice of dinner tonight for doing that. However,  because I don’t have it to cope with a meltdown already,  I let it slide.  I addressed it but there were no consequences.

Not a good start……

**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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You are right to pick your battles. You simply cannot correct everything, or you might just lose your marbles:)