I don’t even know what to call this anymore

We met with Dr. Reynolds today and have a tentative I place to manage his medications.  For the next 7 days,  Gavin will have blood work done every other day.

We need to get more data points,  if that makes sense. 

We did learn that Lithium is not metabolized in the liver.  Instead it has more to do with the kidneys as it’s a salt. Basically,  we aren’t sure what the impact of an autonomic disorder would be. 

It doesn’t make sense that Gavin’s numbers would be higher because Gavin is on medication to increase water retention,  in order to bolster his blood pressure. This would dilute the lithium and cause the numbers to be lower, if anything.

This is really unusual and I just don’t know what to do.

We go in the morning for bloodwork and we’ll see what his levels are.  Dr.  Reynolds is very concerned about this because lithium is so dangerous. 

He wants to monitor Gavin’s levels for the next week and see what happens. At this point, we don’t know enough about what’s going to say that Gavin should be off the lithium all together.  There’s risk involved with Gavin going off his meds a slipping into a manic phase. 

When Gavin is manic, he experiences delusions of grandeur

Gavin will try and jump out his window because he thinks he can fly.  Think I’m kidding? Think again.

We have to get a hold of his neurologist and find out if an autonomic disorder could affect the way lithium is processed. It’s very likely that there simply isn’t enough known about this to answer that question. 

At least we have good doctors working on this.. The wait for information however,  is a brutal one.

I’m not fond of this at all.

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       -Lost and Tired

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  • Denise says:

    At least you are actively involved and doing everything you can – God bless you. I know it's very hard — I'm praying for you all.
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  • Kathryn says:

    Saying a prayer for all of you, I really hope that this gets figured out quickly.

  • Mike says:

    Waiting is never easy, but especially when it pertains to the health of our children. I wish I knew more about the medicine to offer any kind of intelligent observation, but as I don't I will just say that, as always, we're rooting for you guys and to keep on hanging on.