Gavin's not doing well tonight -

Gavin’s not doing well tonight

I’m going to make this quit because I’m exhausted. Let me start by saying that I haven’t written much today because life has just taken over and I’m struggling a bit with my depression.

It was a really long day that included 60+ miles worth of driving to find Harry Potter costumes for the boys. I had ordered what I thought were Harry Potter robes on Amazon, only to discover that it was just a wand and glasses when they arrived today. Emmett was freaking out because he’s been waiting since Lizze first began reading the books to them at bedtime.

For now, everyone seems to be happy and that makes me happy. I would like to say Fuck You Amazon Seller for your deceptive listing.

The evening brought with it kids who were bouncing off of the walls and each other. Lizze and I about lost our minds because they just wouldn’t stop. The boys are so excited for trick or treating and this is what anticipation, excited and anxiety do to kids with Autism.

My night ended, or will hopefully end soon once Gavin falls asleep. He’s having a rough night and can’t seem to sleep. Unfortunately, he’s not feeling well and having some problems.

I just want to close my eyes and put the day behind me but I won’t go to sleep until Gavin’s okay.

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