The Sh!t just keeps coming -

The Sh!t just keeps coming

We have an emergency on our hands. Somehow,  Bella ripped her toenail almost completely off.   It’s still connected and so she has to go to the vet this afternoon, 45 minutes prior to Dr.  Reynolds. 

They quoted us about $100,  worst case scenario.

They said the nail will likely have to be removed and that just sounds like torture.

I can only assume that I’ve done something to bring this on my family.  It’s like we have this black cloud following overhead and when we are at our weakest,  it unleashes on us. 

Statically,  nothing else makes sense. I mean honestly, what are the odds of all this happening in the first place,  let alone to the same family?

The boys are all in a panic about this because they are the ones that found it.  There was blood everywhere and when Gavin noticed the blood he just freaked out.  He’s not a blood person.

Emmett’s worried about his best friend,  Elliott’s worried as well and Gavin‘s still stressed out about the blood.  He hasn’t actually expressed concern about Bella

Right now we have a sock taped on her foot so she can’t lick it. 

Is it Friday yet?




**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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Mary Costello

I'm going to call you Job. Keep the faith. If it weren't so sad, your post would be comical. My hope is that you can find something to laugh or smile about each day.


you guys need to catch a break…
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Hang in there!


I'm so sorry. Praying that you guys can catch a break soon.


Oh no! {hugs} and {prayers}
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