There’s yet another snag in getting Gavin’s meds refilled and I’m seriously frustrated

There’s yet another snag in getting Gavin’s meds refilled and I’m seriously frustrated

Gavin had his blood work done first thing Monday morning. The lab has had almost four days to run them and fax the results to the pharmacy. They have yet to do so. Mind you, this is a stat order meaning it’s a priority and should be completed the same morning.

Unfortunately, getting the lab to fax the results has been an exercise in futility.

This time however, it wouldn’t have mattered anyway because the new script never came through correctly and had to be resent this afternoon. Hopefully, everything will be in order for a afternoon delivery today.

At this point, I still don’t know if the updated script will even be approved. Gavin’s had six months of good numbers and that’s makes him eligible for a 14 day supply of Clozapine. The powers that be have been very conservative with him however, because he’s had so many issues. I think it will be okay but we won’t know until it’s submitted and approved.

Hopefully, I’ll have some good news to share later today. ☺

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Hope the medicine comes in! I swear, you’ve had this problem with the lab the whole time I’ve been reading your blog. I get that they are probably undermanned and have lots of medicines that are priority. (Workers have definitely been undermanned since the last recession, when management found out that they could cut their staffs by half and get the same work, albeit more sloppy.) Anyway, hope your Friday ends up as all is well.

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