#Autism and The Anger Management Cheat Sheet

#Autism and The Anger Management Cheat Sheet

First of all, I want to say that this was totally Gavin’s idea. He’s wants to share something that is helping him to manage his anger and frustration. I really think he likes the idea of being able to help other kids that are challenged by anger and frustration. I’m really proud of him. 🙂

Here’s a little background. This came about the other day while at therapy. Because Gavin is struggling with neurological degradation, one of the issues is that he has lost some control over his tongue. This means that sometimes he can be difficult to understand. This can be very frustrating for him, especially if someone asks him to repeat himself.  That’s what prompted him to work with his 

speech therapist and create this list. 

He came up with this and she helped him to physically put it together and print it out.

He’s so excited to have created this little anger management cheat sheet and asked if I would help him share it with the whole world,  as he put it.

So here you go.

Below, you will find Gavin’s little explanation video about what this is and how and why he uses it. I only helped a little tiny bit towards the end. Below that you will find a picture of his anger management cheat sheet. By clicking on the image you will be able to download a copy in .pdf format. Gavin would like you to have ability to get your own copy of his plan, so you can use it for yourself, if you think it could help. :-)Lizze and I both are so proud of how well he’s been doing recently. I think maybe, providing him with the means to help others can help him to not only feel good about himself but also feel like he’s making a difference.Please feel free to leave any and all positive feedback you would like to. He will be thrilled to know what you think.



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I Speak Life Coachin

Gavin, this is my first time on your site, good stuff. I work in the area of Anger Management here in Atlanta and all of your suggestions are on target. Great information and thank you for sharing.

Kim W

Very well done, Gavin, and excellent advice. This is very helpful, and I appreciate you sharing. 


Have you ever thought about allowing him to do his own blog? You would help him organize everything and get it out there (as long as it was appropriate). This could also be another way to get insight into how his mind works and allow him to express himself in a constructive manner.
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Lisa Higdon

Gavin, I love you Mr. Man. You are working through a hard time and I think about you a lot. Thank you for letting us use your well thought out chart in our home, not just for our son, William, but for me, too. Sometimes I think I need timeout more than Will does! Your parents are terrific people, and I know they love you very much. I wish you the very best luck, and will keep on sending you good vibes (ask your dad what that means).

PH in VA

Gavin, it is very thoughtful and grown up of you to want to share your chart with other people! I bet your parents are very proud of you for this!


Gavin, you are amazing! Thanks so much for sharing this! It will help so many people! 🙂
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First of all, Gavin you are amazing on camera! You should do more videos like this more often to try and help other kids who may be feeling like you feel sometimes! Second of all, I LOVE the cheat sheet! Auntie Vet is thinking about downloading this for herself and posting it somewhere that I can always look at it, b/c like you I get angry and frustrated and have problems using my words at times! And I'm not even a kid…can you believe that? You just helped an adult! Way to go! Third of all, I have to tell you that I am so super proud of all the hard work you have done this last week! Whenever I read the stories that mom and dad post on here about how you haven't had ANY meltdowns I get a big smile on my face and it makes my day a little brighter. I love you my nephew and am so proud of you. Keep up the good work and progress so that I can keep reading mom & dad's stories and keep smiling 🙂 Hugs and kisses to you, Elliott & Emmett….oh and we must not forget hugs to mom & dad also!

Auntie Vet!

PS – You keep up the good work and maybe I'll bring you something extra special back from Las Vegas 😉


For me or Gavin? :p


Well of course there may be something special for you and Lizze as well 😉 But you have to promise to be good while I am gone LOL


This is awesome Gavin…..this is a very useful video for my son Joey and we are printing out your chart to keep in his bookbag for second grade. Keep up the good work, I think you have a bright future in helping others! We look forward to seeing more videos!

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