I met Gavin’s new case manager tonight

Therapy tonight was a little different than normal because Gavin’s new case manager made arrangements to join us.

Gavin has both a mental and medical case manager through his insurance. 

What this does is help to bridge the gap between extremely complicated patient and the insurance company.  They do work for the insurance company but that’s not as bad as it sounds. 

Essentially, their job is to help me cut through all the red tape and nonsense that goes along with insurance. 


I have to say, it’s been a godsend over the years and I’ve never had a single issue. 

They have to meet face to face with myself and Gavin every few months.  The easiest way to accomplish that is to meet at Dr. Pattie’s office, during a session. 

Our old case manager moved out of state and so our new one is taking over. 

We all met for the first time tonight and I feel like she’s going to be a good fit.

Her first mission is to figure out why Gavin’s medically necessary salt tabs need a prior authorisation. 

She got to meet Gavin in all his awkward glory..  lol

It was a nice meeting and we will just keep plugging away at life…  ☺

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