The challenge of feeding 3 boys on the #Autism spectrum -

The challenge of feeding 3 boys on the #Autism spectrum

I have to admit that I find myself a bit frustrated this evening. In the Lost and Tired household,  as with many others,  the end of the month brings with it fewer options of meals,  at least until the next trip to the grocery store.

This can be a particularly challenging time for me because it’s hard to feed these guys when I have a plethora of options.

However,  when we reach this time during the month and I have fewer and fewer options to offer these guys,  it becomes really frustrating. 

Gavin is by far,  the easiest to please.  He’s open to trying new things and is happy with peanut butter and jelly. Emmett and Elliott are far more picky and very difficult to feed, especially when we are out of chicken nuggets.

At least with my boys,  there is an element of indecision, sensory sensitivity and just plain being difficult at times,  when it comes to breakfast,  lunch and dinner. 

On night like tonight,  I really struggle to be patient and understanding. 

Elliott,  for example,  will eat something that he usually loves and decide that this time it tastes funny.  I can’t tell any difference but apparently he can.  This happens all the time and I end up making multiple meals for at least the two youngest. 

The problem is that they literally won’t eat,  if it’s not perfect.  Especially with Emmett,  things have to be perfect and I mean perfect.

Food can’t touch and there has to be a different utensil for each item.  If anything does touch or has a blemish,  he will refuse to eat.  Before you say,  he’ll eat when he’s hungry,  think again. The truth is that he won’t.  At least not for a considerable amount of time.

I know at least some of you out there understand what I’m talking about. 

I think I would just die,  if I could cook one meal and everyone would just eat it and be happy.  The only time that happens, is if we order pizza,  and to be honest,  I end up doing that more often than I want to or can afford,  simply to avoid the battle. 

Does that make any sense?

Gavin used to be absolutely horrible when it came to eating.  I would have to spend an hour picking the seasoning out of his pasta sauce before he would even look at it.

He has come a long way and for that I’m grateful.  I only hope that the same holds true for Elliott and Emmett. 

I mean,  I enjoy cooking but anymore,  I can’t stand it.  It’s simply impossible to meet everyone’s needs without individualized meal plans and I’m just too tired anymore to keep that up. We are actually going to get into the feeding clinic at Akron Children’s Hospital.  They help with these types of eating difficulties.  However,  every time we have a chance to go, something happens,  with Gavin and we are either sitting by a hospital bed or in family counseling sessions.

Little Caesars $5 pizzas are looking better and better every day.

Anyone struggling with something similar?

**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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Dear Rob,
I have recently started reading "Lost and Tired" and it really hits home since I have 3 grandsons who are on the autism spectrum at 3 different levels. I am far from being an expert but I would say that 2 would be considered low functioning and the third maybe slightly moderate. We share so much and what you share has shown me that we aren't alone. For some reason I keep having a problem when it comes to logging in on your sight. I received reset password assistance and unfortunately, I still don't understand what I am doing wrong and I'm not sure where or what the URL page I am trying to log into is. I admit I don't know much about computers and I really need help so that I can continue to read "lost and Tired" Can you please help or direct me to someone that can help me figure this out. I am also interested in reading Lizze's new blog. I'm felling pretty dumb right now. Thanks. My name is Michelle Metzger and my e-mail address is I hope I can get this figured out soon. God Bless you and your family and thank you so much for reaching out to others that are in the same or similar situations.

Angel brown

When I saw this post I was like..”oh my that is us!” we have 4 kids, 3 boys a 2 yo diagnosed ASD, an 18 mos old awaiting testing, a 8 yo unofficialy Aspergers then a normal 6 to girl… The babies are GF/DF and there food costs a fortune, the big kids have to eat on the front porch so the babies don’t scream for there food so we never get to eat together & basically my 2 yo who is by far the most severe, eats chips and blueberries at every meal:( eating is the worst time in our house and it seems they are always hungry ! We cook sometimes 4 different meals to just get everyone fed! I do understand and love reading your posts! I will continue to pray for you guys!

Rebecca M

Yes, I have two boys with neurological stuff- one autism.The youngest will eat most foods. My autistic child is the picky one. Veggies cannot be on his plate; a new food at dinner gives him a panic attack. He still refuses to eat veggies, but at least he will have a fruit and veggie smoothie. It took alot of nagging and experimenting with recipes to get him onto the smoothie thing. We have food fixations too. Things have to be perfect and smell a certain way or it's a no go.


Hmm… Wish I had ideas for you. This is hard, because it sounds like it is really related to sensory issues. I have heard of a book called Just Take a Bite, but haven't read it, it is an Autism book, not sure if that would be an interest to you or not.

L-glutatmine added to a fruit protein shake in the morning would be great for the food intolerances!

Elaine Wilhelm on Fa

L-glutatmine added to a fruit protein shake in the morning would be great for the food intolerances!


I SO UNDERSTAND YOUR PAIN!!! My 9 yr old daughter was diagnosed with aspergers 6 months ago but has had feeding issues since birth and everytime I brought it up to different pediatricians they just told me to hide food in something she already eats. At this current time she eats about 10 foods, I have run out of them on purpose hoping she gets desperate enough to eat and she went 4 days on milk and 2 apples. last year I was finally informed that speech pathologists can work with food issues but I had to pay 300.00 out of pocket after my insurance for 1 session and I had to bring the food. At this point her brain has just shut itself off to trying new foods. Her tongue gets all prickly like when you eat something sour and immediate rejection ensues. The frustration of this alone is enough to drive a parent nuts. I haven't even gotten into how family reacts to all of this and organizing our whole lives around her and what she'll eat. I could go on forever about this but I won't. I thank you for bringing your life into ours and helping us to understand we are not alone.


Wow. Small world. 🙂

The worst for me is when Elliott says something tastes like poison. Friggin poison. I mean really?


Does it make a difference if the boys help you cook the food? Or do it not make a difference? Not sure, just thought it didn't hurt to ask.
My recent post Dreams really do come true! Different… Not Less, We Need Acceptance, not just awareness!


The only time it helps is when we make smoothies. The rest of the time, they like helping but still won\’t eat it. 🙁

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