I HATE Hall of Fame Week

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I really hate Hall of Fame week,  more and more each year. I live very,  very close to the Pro Football Hall of Fame,  here in Canton Ohio.  Once a year,  it seems like the entire country makes it way into my back yard.

This morning is the famous Hall of Fame Parade.  I basically have box seats from the 2nd floor porch,  as we are on the parade route. 

People have been camping out on the sidewalks and tree lawns all day and all night in anticipation of this mornings parade.  Who does that? They leave there trash everywhere and are extremely loud and inconsiderate all night long. 

I would absolutely love to see the City of Canton use 1% of what they spend on Hall of Fame Week for #Autism Awareness Month. 

I’m not holding my breath on that one.  I mean come on,  retired football players are way more important than our children,  right? Wrong..  Absolutely wrong. 

The problem is that football brings money into our great city and our kids don’t.  It really sickens me to see how far everyone does for people that don’t need it.  There are so many children and families in our immediate area that are suffering or otherwise struggling that simply don’t seem to matter to anyone. 

You’ll have to forgive me because I’m a bit cranky.  Some idiot was playing electric guitar in one of the parking lots behind my house for quite some time.  Sleep was elusive for much of the night.

By Monday, most of these people will be gone and life can return to normal,  whatever the hell that is.

**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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I AM SO WITH YOU! While I understand that these people have a gift and talent that most people in the world do not possess and this is the reason that they get paid ungodly amounts of money, I do not understand why we use so much of our precious resources as a nation to pay them what we do. They run around this country impregnating different women and breaking laws in every city. Then there are the people who spend a weeks wages for tickets to A game and a weeks worth of wages or more in merchandise and food at the said game. Our priorities as a nation are screwed up. We need to stop idolizing these people and honor and idolize the unsung heroes that give everything they have to help others and contribute to the future generations of our great nation. It is very sad that our soldiers are on welfare, teachers are barely scraping by, and doctors have to close their doors because of insurance red tape or the cost of their malpractice insurance. There is so much that children with special needs can accomplish in their lives if just given the chance, but often times they do not get this chance because providers are nowhere to be found and the finances are missing. But hey sports players and actors have talent so they deserve the moon right???


Very well said Jennifer 🙂