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I noticed something today that I find disturbing on many levels. If Gavin isn’t disrespecting Lizze he completely ignores her.

It’s like he gets angry when he has to engage with her and maybe that’s where the disrespect comes from.

If he needs something and Lizze and I are both in the room,  he will walk right by her and ask me. The other day he was sitting at the table playing with his brothers, while Lizze sat with them supervising.

I was walking out the door to run to the store. He wanted something and instead of asking Lizze,  he tried to catch me before I walked out the door. It made absolutely no sense at all.

It’s honestly like he wants nothing to do nothing her.

I don’t really know what to make of it. He will only talk to her when he has to and when he has to, he’s very unpleasant.

It’s honestly a bit on the creepy side when you really pay attention.  I wish I understood better what makes him tic. It would make me knowing what to do a little easier.

I wish he was a bit more transparent. 

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       -Lost and Tired

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