August's antibody infusion: Success -

August’s antibody infusion: Success

Yesterday,  Gavin had his monthly antibody infusion.  Everything was pretty routine until about 15 minutes into the car ride.  Gavin began to enter an autonomic crisis.

He became sick to his stomach and extremely light headed and dizzy. He lost all his color and he could barely hold himself up.

Lizze notified the hospital of what was happening and they basically met her as she entered oncology.  They gave Gavin special meds so that he would vomit and make anything worse. After resting for a little while,  he stabilized and they proceeded with the infusion. 

Because he was already having issues coming into the into the infusion,  and because he got sick after the last one,  they had to slow things way down. 

He now gets and IV bolus of 500cc’s prior to the antibodies.  They also gave him more nausea meds after it was done. 

Medically,  he did well on the ride home and felt pretty good,  physically.  Thank God he pulled out of this without having to be admitted.

We have to get this autonomic issue under control.  This is not the life we want for him. I received a message from one of my wonderful readers today.  They mentioned that their child had similar issues that appeared to be autonomic in nature.  Turned out to be issues with testosterone, or rather, lack there of.

That’s really interesting because I don’t know if anything like that has been ruled out.  I’m not sure what that disorder is called but I’m going to run it by our doctors and see what they say.

It’s amazing what information you can learn when you have an ongoing dialog with this many wonderful people.  Thank you all for being a part of that dialog.  🙂

Anyway,  after Gavin’s massive meltdown last night, he still seems to be doing well. That is a positive thing.

Now we just need to see what today brings our way.  🙂

**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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