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Lizze is not doing so well.  I don’t think that there is a scale to measure the amount of stress she is trying to cope with.  She’s dealing with the same migraine she’s had now for 7+ months.

She extremely torn up over Gavin behavior towards her,  including the fact that most of the time,  he acts as though she doesn‘t exist.

When he does engage with her,  he’s rude,  disrespectful and just plain mean/hurtful.

She’s still waiting on the results of her MRI.  She’s been having a great deal of back pain. Her doctors suspect a herniation or something called spinal stenosis. She won’t get the results until her next appointment, which is sometime next week.

As her husband,  it breaks my heart to know she’s going through this and there is very little I can do about it.

Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.  I really appreciate it and I know that she does as well.  🙂

**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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Jodi p

Maybe he sees something as different. To him.
Hard when he seems to have trouble with answering direct questions of that sort.
So guess work is left to you
I would give the quality 1:1 scheduled time a try first.
Also you can try re teaching him what to say
Try instead of ___________(something rude he says
I can say ___________ (a more appropriate response

Do it on a sheet visually like his other sheet that he was showing.


 @Jodi p  @lostandtired Good idea :–) Thanks

Jodi p

I wonder if he is either jelous his mom is sick and getting attention as well. So his mad at her
Or his mad as she has been the one taking him to more undesirable appointments, hospital stays etc.
Kids are often harder on their moms it's the softer voice on top of unconditional love.
Maybe try to schedule some specific time one on one he has with her doing a more desirable task he likes. Even choices of stuff he can choose from. Even something small. But it will be just time for him and her. Then you can work up. Once he "buys into it" and enjoys it that we need tokens to earn based on good behavior to mom he can choose other things or have more 1:1 time.


 @Jodi p I suspect that it's something like that. Although, Lizze really doesn't get any attention, that's part of the problem. Everything is focused on Gavin almost all the time. I am going to bring this up in therapy tomorrow and see what she thinks. Thank you so much. 🙂


My brother suffers from severe spinal stenosis, he is seen by Cleveland Clinic. If youive in Ohio you can apply to their "charity care" and be treated for free. He receives shots of Botox in his back, and it really helps!


 @BrittanyLane Thank you very much. That is where we are heading, very soon. 🙂