Witnessing abuse

What is wrong with people?  We’re sitting in the waiting room and there is a little boy, a bit younger than Emmett.  He is ovbiouly non-verbal and being treated absolutely horribly by his grandfather. 

I have to say this and hate me if you must. I don’t care about cultural differences,  there is a right way and a wrong way to treat a child,  let alone a child like that.

Twice now, I have seen the grandfather pick this child up by his arm and once by his leg,  after the child fell off a table.  That’s right, the grandfather was too busy playing with his phone to watch his grandson. The child wandered over to this table and climbed up before tumbling over. 

The guy literally picked this poor child up by the ankle and put him back on the table he just fell off of. 

I hope you don’t lose respect for me but in the interest of honesty, it was really hard for me not to go over there and punch this guy,  right in the kisser. 

I’m not violent by nature and I like to think that I have a decent amount of patience but that guy pushed all only my buttons,  at the same time. 

Deep breathing…… 🙁

This was posted via WordPress for Android, courtesy of Samsung’s Galaxy S III. Please forgive any typos. I do know how to spell but auto-correct hate me.

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Rob Gorski

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I would have called human services on him! That is abuse and it is NEVER okay! Obviously that child needs an advocate and if the grandfather can't be that, then I would have been! I would have taken pictures of what he was doing, or a video to show to them, so there what no doubt who was telling the truth and if had left, I would have taken his plate number. That is just unacceptable!!!


Great feedback everyone. So I'm not the only one then. That's good. 🙂


these kind of people need something called the phone book treatment.  you put a football helmet on their head, then you get the thickest phone book ever made.  you know, from New York City or Chicago… then you smack them up side the head.  j/k  a good telling off would make me feel better, but would do little to resolve the situation.  aren't there people monitoring the waiting area, like receptionists or something?


I don't know if I could have controlled myself… kudos for not punching the guy – but some people just don't deserve to be associated with the unique blessings of our kind of kids. I think that's insane, and should be reported to authorities!!! 


Some people really don't deserve to have kids never mind those that need extra love and attention like ours.  It annoys me how people seem to be more interested in a piece of electronic equipment in their hand worth a few Pounds/dollars than the priceless relationship they could be having with their child.  I just hope they realise what they are missing before it is too late for them.


i would say something but that is me. i saw a woman smack her child across the face, AND HARD in the store once and i never said anything. later when she passed again, he was still crying and she shrugged and said someone must be tired. as a weak excuse. i was O.o and said. "YA i think he is still crying from that smack he got a few minutes ago.." she was stone faced and pale and walked on. i wish i had a hefty parenting handbook with me in cases like this. one i could smack them in the face with.