How do you prepare your child for the school year?

How do you prepare your child for the school year?

I’m currently writing a post for my new job about the new school year.  I think it would be a great topic to discuss locally here as well.

We can all trade tips and tricks on preparing out very special children for the upcoming school year.

My kids start back next week.  What kinds of things do you do to ease the transition?

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Both boys had new schools this year. We drove by the campuses and visited by attending the back to school nights. We also talked about our new schedules a few weeks before and got their uniforms (for one) and school supplies ready, as well as tried to start earlier bedtimes. Tried being the operative word, of course.


Well with all 4 of them going this year we move to a regular bedtime of 8 pm 2 weeks before school starts and wake up an hour before we would have to leave the house. We finish up any summer crafts or trips we were planning on taking like to splash pads or pools. Then we take them for one new outfit, new shoes, and to fulfill their extensive list of school supplies. I make sure I switch my grocery list from summer to school because they have to have different foods. Then we meet their teachers and drop off their school supplies and the night before school we make sure everything is ready to go. We take single and a group picture of them all ready to go and then I drop them off. I then hit the local starbucks for a sweet treat BY MYSELF and breathe.


@JenniferWhynott you touched on something important. Taking time for yourself is so important… 🙂

Mary Franzen Costell

We were lucky that Ethan had been in his behavior day program all summer, and the school was willing to work closely with them during the transition. They met with us before school started and were totally prepared when he arrived. It was a new school district since the one we were in helped cause the need for the behavior program. We did make a big deal of his "graduation" from Behaven and took lots of pictures and video of his teachers. When he misses them he just looks at the iPad. He also got a new backpack, new shoes and a whole new outfit for the first day. Except for the shoes, he didn't need any of it. Cha Ching, cha Ching.


@Mary Franzen Costello that's awesome when the school works with your.

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