On a lighter note….. 

On a lighter note….. 

Lizze and I had a relatively quiet night, after the boys went to bed. Noone came down because they all fell asleep. ☺ 

Anyway, I wanted to share a few things that I felt were really positive. Maybe not so much positive, but pleasant for me personally. This may seem kinda dumb but I spent some time rebuilding the ferret pen tonight. 

We have been have a problem with Lemme. She keeps letting herself out, because she enjoys wandering the house. She never causes any harm, but we don’t want her getting hurt or getting into something she shouldn’t. 

Lemme is crazy smart. She will exploit any possible way to get out of her pen. It’s truly amazing to see how she thinks. Thank God she’s the only smart one, because we’d be in big trouble. 😁 

I actually mounted the pen to the wall, which made it possible to eliminate all the ways she’s been escaping. If there’s are any exploits left, I can’t think of any, but like I said, she’s really smart. 

It seems to be working quite well. ☺ 

After the kids were in bed, I noticed that Charlie was looking for some attention. He hung out with Lizze and I while we finished watching Fortitude tonight. Totally amazing show by the way… 

It was just a nice night. 

Maggie slept at the end of the couch, Lizze worked in her genealogy project, and Charlie just hung out with me, while we watched our shows. 

I’m really hoping the rest of the weekend is just as pleasant… ☺ 

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So sweet!


So sweet!

Rob Gorski

Thanks…. ☺

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