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So we took the boys to the playground again tonight.  This is the second time this week 🙂 I’m actually quite proud of that.

We went to the playground at Fraiser Elementary School.

This is where I went to kindergarten as well as spent many,  many summer days. 

They have of course,  revamped the playground completely since those days.  However,  they are fantastic changes. 

The boys had a blast and it was very similar to occupational therapy as well.  The equipment they have now is fantastic for what my boys need to work on.  They played until Gavin needed to go home because his heart rate was way to high. 

Lizze had a good time and took tons of pictures. 

It was nice to see her enjoying herself for awhile tonight. It does my heart good to see my family happy.


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Great idea! We used to do this everyday at a playground similar to this until my oldest started getting staph infections-we think from that playground. His behavior at school improved so much, at least until he picked up staph.
It's a great way to get in some extra free "OT" type sessions in during the week. Also, I have found some large gymnastics centers have what is called "open gym" or free play where they let kids/the public use some of the basic  equipment like the trampolines or jump into the foam pits, balance beam, etc. There is usually a cheap cost involved. You might want to do some google searches to see if there are any in your area. It would be especially great for Emmett since he likes to crash, climb and jump.

Mary Franzen Costell