Operation Hope: Artwork -

Operation Hope: Artwork

I’m trying to focus on as much of the positive as I can. While that’s honestly not very easy, I’m really putting an effort into it.

That is why I can decided to call this new journey Operation Hope.

Basically, Operation Hope is a process of not only helping Gavin but also the Lost and Tired family’s effort to reclaim our lives and begin the process of healing.

As part of this, I have decided to create a button or logo to symbolize what we are trying to save.

The first battle of Operation Hope, is getting Gavin medically stabilized so that residential treatment is possible. Only then will the healing begin, for anyone.

This is just a rough draft and it needs cleaned up a bit but I wanted to share this with you all anyway and see what you think.

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I love the use of the Lego blocks!  It really gives the subconscious message of building blocks being supported by family members giving hope to those struggling with mental health issues.  Super job!


Great picture!

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