Operation Hope: Wraparound -

Operation Hope: Wraparound

I received a call yesterday afternoon.  The woman on the other end introduced herself as our wrap around coordinator.  Actually,  I can’t remember her exact title but that is essentially what it is. 

Anyway, she wanted to introduce herself and set up our first meeting. 

The process has officially begun.

We will be meeting for the first time, next week.  It will be very casual and basically a meet and greet type thing.  Nothing major will happen but we will begin to lay the ground work for what lies ahead.

I’m ready to get this thing moving forward.  I don’t mean to sound overly excited but I’m calling this Operation Hope for a reason..

Making this work,  is the only hope my family has left……

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Stay strong as you stay the course.  Your new case manager will be there to gather the multitude of reins from all the providers you must currently juggle yourself.  HOORAY!  Good news today~!


 @Batty Hopefully that will be the case. The hard part will be turning them over at such a long time 

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