30 Days of Water: Falling off the wagon

It’s been a little while since I updated you in my attempt to give up all other beverages except water.  I did really good for the first week or so but caved in a few times since then. 

Sometimes, I just get so stressed out and water isn’t very comforting for me. 


I had some root beer while we were all Chuck E Cheeses this weekend and I drank some OJ a couple of days ago. 

While, I didn’t remain as steadfast as I would have liked, I’m still drinking way more water than I was before.  I hardly ever drank water before, it’s was always milk or soy milk.  For some time now, 95% of my liquid intake was things like milk, pop or juice.  For the last week or 2, I’ve made a big change and 95% of my fluid intake is water.

I’m really happy to have made that big of a change. 

One of my biggest weaknesses if finding comfort in eating or drinking.  I don’t consume alcohol and I never really have.

However, milk, juice, pop and even soy milk are higher calorie drinks.  Plus, they don’t hydrate nearly as well as water and in some cases, actually helps to dehydrate a person.

I wish I could report that I was stronger than I actually am but truth be told, I caved in to temptation a few times.  Having said that, I’m not besting myself up over it because that serves no purpose.  I simply get back up and continue to move forward. 

Today, I consumed 96 oz of water and I feel really good about that.  🙂

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