Elliott’s having a rough time

Elliott is really having a rough time anymore.  He’s so anxious and it feels like all he does as whine about everything. He’s also having a hard time listening.

It takes many attempts to get him to do anything.

We so need to get him on his new meds. He needs relief as soon as possible. We have to call his doctor on Tuesday and see what we can do.

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Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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What  were the meds they tried last time for him?


@KathyBrower Zoloft and Risperdal


 @lostandtired  @KathyBrower What would possess the dr to try an adhd med?  He looks tiny, and that, combined with a med known to cause an increase in anxiety, sounds miserable for all of you.  My 6yo i s small – about 30 pounds – with adhd and anxiety and we only were “allowed” tenex, which did not work.  Supposedly super low doses of anti-depressants work for anxiety in kids.


Rob, not to question your parenting decisions, but psychotropic drugs for kids are really serious. After seeing how happy and relaxed Elliot was on his trip (away from the chaos), how can you think that drugging him is the answer. He needs a more stable home life, it would seem – not to be put on some drugs that alter his mental state. Im sure gavin needs mess, but maybe Elliot doesn't. It's sad to think of a kid being put on a drug because his life at home is so chaotic and stressful. That's not what those drugs are for. At least not in kids.


@Sarah I totally agree. However, Elliott deals with a great deal of anxiety and we will not be able to address the problems at home until Gavin is placed in residential treatment. That may take awhile to out together.

Should we allow Elliott to suffer in the interm? If medication can improve the quality of his life, how can we not provide that for him?