I totally kicked ass today :)

I did such an awesome job today and I’m gonna pat myself on the back for a minute. 

The began with getting the boys off to . They did such a great job and I was able to keep everyone moving and motivated. 

After dropping the boys off at school, I got my first workout of the year in and it felt so good. It was already really warm and extremely humid, so I burned a shitload of calories. 😀

I ate super healthy all day long and kept well under my calorie goal for the day by making better choices and not allowing to dictate my diet. 

The victories continued as I picked the boys up from school early and took Emmett to

After a quick snack, Emmett totally kicked butt and patiently waited for the session to end. From there we went home, eventually ate dinner and then went off to Dr. Partie’s for

The boys were so quiet and well behaved during their appointment. 

To top everything off, I’m writing this before 9pm and have it schedule for now. That’s right, I’m going to bed several hours early because I’m freaking tired. 

I’m hoping to get another heaping helping of success in the morning once again.  😀❤️👍

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