The return to school 2012

Tomorrow is the first day of school for Elliott and Gavin. Elliott is going to do great once again.  There will likely be a period of adjustment for him but he’ll be fine. 

Gavin on the other hand is a mystery. 

I have no idea how his return is going to go. There are a great many factors to worry about,  his health being the biggest concern. I have great concern that this return to school is going to be more than his body can take.

Time will tell. 

Lizze and I will have to speak with the school about his new restrictions and he will likely have to sit out of Martial Arts and recess.  We’re going to have to see how those things go and decide what to do when we reach that bridge.

I do feel lucky because the school has said they will do whatever they must I order for Gavin to return to school.  That’s awesome and we are extremely grateful.

If nothing else,  Gavin’s really excited to go back to school. 

Although the truth behind that is likely the lunches.  Gavin is willing to go to school just so he can eat the lunches and of course breakfast as well.  Like we don’t feed him at home.

That’s what we call a Gavinism.  🙂

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It’s probably because at school he knows even if he gets in trouble he will still get a “regular” lunch, instead of oatmeal. ;P


@Silachan that is a really good point 😀