GODDAMN SNOW DAYS – Why does Mother Nature hates me?

While I can’t prove anything, I’m pretty certain that Mother Nature has it out for me. This is a pretty big week for me personally and I fear it may go right down the shitter due to inclement weather. 

There’s a better than average chance that the boys will have Monday – Wednesday off of school as a result of bitterly cold temperatures. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids and I love spending the day with them but Lizze will be in bed for most of the day for health related reasons.  Plus this weather doesn’t do her any favors in the Fibromyalgia category either. 

Tomorrow is a very big day, for work related reasons that I can hopefully share very soon.  Tuesday, I’m suppose to be interviewed on the Autism Live TV show and I was counting on a quiet house for that.  That’ll never happen, especially with Emmett. 

This afternoon I was on a Skype call will a colleague in Mexico and Emmett was just fascinated with the idea that he could talk to someone that had a very, very heavy accent.  Thankfully, my colleague was very gracious with Emmett and answered his questions.  Then Emmett informed him that I had to get off the phone and get back to playing Minecraft.

It was really cute but still a bit frustrating.

I was really hoping to get the bulk of my work done while the boys are in school but that only works of the boys are actually in school. See my dilemma?

I can only imagine how many of you out there are being treated so unfairly by Mother Nature as well. 

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Kelly Pechacek Osborne

Please don’t post Gods name in vain. 🙁


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I’m sorry for the awkwardness, but what Emmett said about Minecraft is hilarious


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