I'm haunted tonight by my son's words -

I’m haunted tonight by my son’s words

As much as I have been trying,  I can’t get those words out of my head.  When Gavin told us last night that he doesn’t care about anyone,  it was a complete shock.

I mentioned in a previous post that what shocked me the most about this,  was how well he was able to articulate that.

He wasn’t telling us something we didn’t already know or at least strongly suspect. It was just the fact that he actually said those words. It’s one of those things in life that you can never unhear.

I’m haunted tonight by my son’s words.

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I've heard similar things from my daughter and it really hurts to hear it, but I agree with @Chloe123 that I take it as a success for her to be able to express verbally what is on her mind. As well as an opportunity may to try to find out what is the reason of her feeling/thinking this way. 


 @kat13  @Chloe123 Agreed. The reason he feels that way is because he's physically incapable for feeling otherwise. He's lacking the neurological connections to make attachments. 🙁


 @lostandtired  @Chloe123 🙁


I would be rethinking and hearing the same thing over and over in my mind too…in years past I've heard and had quite a few negative mind and soul hurting things said from one of my special needs sons and I haven't forgotten those things…but realize HE doesn't even remember them or what it meant to him at the time, he was so far out of it brain chemistry wise.  So, there has been enormous improvement from those dark days…in my heart, no matter how far gone it seems, or odd or hurtful…..there is always hope.  Just tuck that away in your hope chest and keep pushing onward…


Rob, I also was very surprised when I read that Gavin was able to articulate that. While it may not be something anyone wanted to hear, it is in theory a big step (in my mind) that he was able to articulate that to you, and the fact that he wishes he could care. 
Thinking of you all!


@Chloe123 I totally agree. Hopefully this will be a positive thing. Change is easier when the person is willing. 🙂


@lostandtired Yes, I agree, and if he now really wants to care about others maybe he will be more willing to learn. Since from reading your blog, I have learned that Gavin is a smart kid, with potential. You and Lizzie are awesome parents!


 @Chloe123  @lostandtired Thanks. That's why I'm calling this Operation Hope. 🙂

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