Poop on the floor

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It’s been a really long day,  and it’s only 11:15am. We met with Wraparound,  which I’ll post about later and went grocery shopping.

Emmett has been all over the place today and was all over the grocery store earlier.

As Lizze and Emmett are going down for their naps,  I settled onto the couch to get some writing done. I’m not sitting for 5 minutes before I see Bella cropping on the floor.

Keep in mind that I just let her out.

Why does everything have to be so difficult anymore? I mean,  Bella could have gone potty outside.  She could have even pooped in one spot.

Instead,  it was like someone type of pooping Olympics or something.  She’s walking and pooping at the same time.  As soon as I saw her,  I clapped my hands really loud and said outside. She didn’t allow herself to be distracted.

However, I did startle her.  Upon the clapping of my hands,  Bella goes flying trough the air,  with the greatest of ease.  All while continuing to poop in midair and eventually coming to land on my couch.

I have to love Bella but I don’t have to like her right now.

That’s how my day is going so far.  🙁

I’ll spare you the pictures. 

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  • reonyea says:

    Hey Rob, have you seen dogshaming.com? It's good for a giggle, especially for dog owners like us!

  • Batty says:

    So sorry!  Hopefully you will be able to turn the memory of the poos into flowers.

  • E The Third Glance says:

    That could be her telling you she's not feeling well – it is a sign for cats that they need to go visit the vet. I know you have too much to deal with already, but it may not just be her being "naughty"… as they always say, behavior IS communication.

  • MicheleChaney says: