Have you ever bathed a ferret?

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It’s been a few months since the last time we did this but it was high time to give the ferrets a bath. It’s not recommended that you bathe a ferret more than a few times a year because doing so, can actually make them smell worse.

Emmett and I took on the task of bathing all four of the ferrets, two at a time.

Some of the ferrets really like the water and some of them don’t. Lemme wanted nothing to do with it. Tiny, Zane and Charlie did quite well by comparison.

The hardest and most painful part for me personally, was their claws. When they cooperated, it wasn’t too bad but when they didn’t want to play along, their claw ls were fucking sharp. Emmett and I were both sliced up a bit by them in the process. It was unintentional but painful nonetheless.

It’s easier to trim their nails after they’re bathed cause the nails get softened by the water. Unfortunately, that makes the bathing part more painful for us. lol

All four of our furry little family members smell much better now and their fur is super soft. Emmett and I feel accomplished but covered in bandages.. lol

We probably won’t do this again until summer. I did manage to get some decent pictures of them in the bathtub. They move so fast it’s hard to get a decent shot sometimes. Check out the pictures below and let me know what you think… ☺

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