3 kids -1 kid = 2 kids

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Tonight,  Emmett will be spending the night with Lizze’s parents.  He’ll be leaving in a little bit and likely to have lots of fun.

That means we will only have 2 kids tonight.

Elliott and I have plans for this evening and Gavin was not a candidate to go because both behavioral and health reasons. 

I’ve promised Elliott some Portal 2 time tonight and he’s really looking forward to that.  The way that works is that he gets ready for bed and takes his meds.  We play Portal 2 until he gets sleepy,  which is typically 30 after taking his melatonin. 

He values the time and so do I.  I look forward to having some quality Portal 2 time with Elliott tonight.  🙂

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  • rmagliozzi says:

    Rob, that is a fantastic idea! We are putting my oldest on a non melatonin sleep aid starting tomorrow (trying Calm Forte, a homeopathic remedy), and that would be a great way to get him to relax and fall alseep, provided he has good behavior during the day.