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I am so completely amazed with how Elliott’s beautiful mind works.  I’ve mentioned before about Elliott’s fascination with Portal 2.

Personally,  I think this is a fantastic game for Elliott due to the extremely challenging puzzles. 

However,  Elliott is now creating his own levels and there actually working levels. This is not easy to do because you have to plan out every single move and be able to think several steps ahead or the level will be broken..

He actually figuring out the software needed to construct and test these levels. 

Once they are in good shape,  he can publish them to the Steam servers for anyone to download and play.  We are having so much fun and I’m so incredibly proud of him. 

Maybe he will become a game designer..  🙂



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it is awesome how their minds work. i know a game programmer who was self diagnosed as autistic using a written self test. he is quirky and very literal but his brain works way above where ours does. he sees ways to create things in code and is currently developing his very first multi platform game. perhaps one day on you phone or ipad or computer screen.encourage your children in what they are great at, the self esteem is great and there is a brilliant mind inside each of them waiting to be tapped into.


What platform is that for? The Wii, by any chance? What a great game for my oldest son to play. I am trying to get him off of just sitting around watching cartoons on Youtube and into something more mentally challenging.


Good for him — that's really great. 


cool!  that looks really complex, I am impressed!  Of course I am a complete gaming moron, but still….


That's great!  😀  Keep us updated on this one.  Who knows, I might have to pick up Portal 2 again.  *chuckles*