Let the manipulation begin -

Let the manipulation begin

Gavin is already trying to manipulate his way into special breaks at school. He’s also becoming annoyed by questions and is way to focused on snack time.

The kids are allowed to bring a snack to eat before lunch. 

Gavin asked if he could bring a banana to school today.  However, because he’s so focused on eating that it’s interfering with his class work and impacting his attitude, perhaps there won’t be any more snacks.

That sees like a pretty natural consequence to me. 

Having said that, Gavin doesn’t care that we are doing that. Sometimes I feel like beating my head into the wall because that holds more appeal for me than continuing to deal with this stuff.   🙁

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hmm.Maybe Gavin would benefit from learning to cook if he is so obsessed with food. Of course it would have to be light cooking at first due to his neurological challenges, until he can work up to doing more in the kitchen, but maybe it would be a step towards more independance? You could start with having him make something simple like salads or dips for chips.


I agree with those who say let the school take this one.  My parents have enough to deal with at home.  I take care of this stuff at school.


Yep, give it over to the school to manage.  They can tell him a schedule of when and under what circumstances he gets snack, and let them enforce their rules.  You just provide the snack, and let the teacher be the heavy for once. No problem for you, practice with rules for him!


Do you think he is feeling overwhelmed and feels like he is needing the special breaks at school? (have no idea, just wanted to mention it). What if school used a first then schedule, work first, then snack? So he knows he will indeed get to eat what he brought for snack?

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